Tasty Tuesday: Lost in Taste takes taste buds for a trip out of this world

Sports and space combine in this brand-new Christiansburg restaurant

CHRISTIANSBURG, Va. – In a world where you can be normal, take a trip out of this world. Alan Johnson stars as owner of Lost in Taste in Christiansburg.

Johnson and his flight crew knew they wanted a sports bar, but it had to special and different. Lost in Taste came to be after one look at their new home.

Johnson recalls, “We looked at the outside of the building and thought, man, this looks like a spaceship.”

The drinks are flowing. The food is sizzling, and the community is loving every bite of it so far.

“Right away, the community supported us like no other. It was amazing and it still is.”

A sports bar isn’t a sports bar without some good wings.

“If we’re going to be about flight, we have to have the wings. It’s just the way it is.”

The menu needed to be spacey too, so Johnson spent time looking into “Conspiracy theories about space, re-watching some old favorites and some new things.”

From that came uniquely-named and crafted items like “Canis Comets, which are our hushpuppies.” You can dip those in a blackberry space jam - an unlikely combination that should have happened long ago!

The “Bhorizo Bebop” is a chorizo burger with bacon jam and brie. Some other early favorites include the “Garlactic Astroknotts and Big Bang Shrimp.”

This all courtesy of Chefs Robbie and Pork Chop, who take pride in the menu they’ve crafted.

If you’re thinking of taking a trip off the launching pad to infinity and beyond, make sure you act fast and...planet!

Lost in Taste plans on being very busy this Super Bowl Sunday. Don’t forget you can catch the game between the Bengals and Rams on WSLS 10.

About the Author:

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