Tasty Tuesday: Chris’s Coffee and Custard serving up smiles, seasonal sweet treats

Chris’s gives young adults with special abilities in the Roanoke Valley the opportunity to work

ROANOKE, Va. – If you build it, they will come. That’s what Beth Woodrum and her family have done in the past year with Chris’s Coffee and Custard in Roanoke.

Beth’s son, Chris, was in 9th grade when the idea came to her. She remembers thinking, “There’s got to be some place for our young adults with special abilities to be able to work.”

Now, Chris and friends like Garrett, Ashley and Hailey get to work together.

He tells us, “It’s fun for my friends and family coming.”

Beth explains, “They do make all the drinks. They make all the food items. They’re out here serving and taking orders. Every job we have, they do.”

Now that spring is here, the team is cranking out new items daily.

“We’ve got something special for you guys. We’ve got lemon bars, apple Danish and a blueberry muffin.”

Chris’ favorite to drink is the Irish Latte, made with Irish cream and hazelnut with cinnamon foam on top. For breakfast or lunch, there’s the classic BLT or chicken salad melt.

Of course, we can’t forget about dessert! Chris’ favorite there is the “Momma’s Boy. Vanilla custard with a chocolate-dipped waffle cone and drizzled in chocolate.”

His buddy, Garrett, got in on the action with a creation of his own. “Garrett’s Easter Sunday. Vanilla custard, green sprinkles, M&M eggs on it. And then it’s topped with a bunny Peep.”

Perhaps their most famous creation is the Selfieccino. Chris got in for a picture with Luke and me. After a few short minutes, that picture was on a drink!

Chris, rightfully so, tells us he’s the best-looking guy on that Selfieccino.

The customers are having fun with it too. Beth tells us, “We had a lady come in last week, and they put their sonogram picture on it and then posted it to announce their pregnancy.”

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