Tasty Tuesday: The Big Blue Ice Cream Truck brings back childhood memories, flavors to the Hill City

To some, an ice cream truck is a thing of the past. Not anymore!

LYNCHBURG, Va. – It’s been so hot recently, so what better way to cool off than with some ice cream?!

One local family is bringing back a number of classic treats, while facilitating new childhood memories.

Jacob Crossett and his wife own The Big Blue Ice Cream Truck in Lynchburg. He tells us, “Some things are getting lost,” which is part of why they started on this new adventure together.

These days, the reaction from children is similar to when Crossett was growing up.

“You’ll have one kid that’s posted up on the sidewalk while somebody else is going to get Mom. Then, the parents I think are in disbelief. Like, ‘what do you mean there’s an ice cream truck outside?’”

All the classics line the side of the truck, including action figure pops, eclairs and so much more. There’s room for more on this blue behemoth.

Crossett tells us, “We’ll probably have north of 40 to 50 ice creams when we’re all said and done.”

It didn’t take long for kids to notice the truck in the parking lot of Timbrook Park. Soon after, the line was growing!

From there, excitement ensued - especially for kids like Mason, Branston and Sydney. Sydney says it’s been a while since she’d seen an ice cream truck.

More precisely, she says it was, “When I was six, so four years ago.”

Within seconds, her buddy, Mason, grabbed the Oreo. Branston, however, said he didn’t know what he got!

It was cold and sweet, and that’s all that mattered to him!

Crossett tells us his hope is to have multiple fleets on the road one day. If you want to know which neighborhoods The Big Blue Ice Cream Truck will be visiting, make sure to check their Facebook page daily.

Ever wonder if we are going to be rolling through your neighborhood, or if you think you hear the ice cream truck...

Posted by The Big Blue Ice Cream Truck on Monday, April 18, 2022

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