Are you living the van life? We want to talk to you!

It’s a new way of living

Are you living van life? (Pexels.)

It’s crazy what you can find during a sleepless night of scrolling TikTok.

If you’ve been on TikTok, you know how often random videos end up on your “for you page,” and one evening, a video showed up of a young woman showing off how she renovated an old school bus -- and turned it into an apartment on wheels.

And when I say “apartment on wheels,” I am not exaggerating.

This converted school bus had a couch, eating area, bathroom and shower, a queen-size bed and a full kitchen with all the counter space you’d ever need. It was honestly something that I had never seen before.

And it’s not just old school buses that are being converted into condos on wheels. There are sprinter vans, old campers and old RVs that are given new life from people who are choosing to live on the road.

I discovered there are also hundreds of YouTube videos of people showing off what they built, giving you tips and tricks on how to make the space functional and pleasing to the eye. It’s so cool to see how innovative and creative people can be, but it’s also interesting to hear their stories, and why they decided to live the van life lifestyle.

Watching these videos got my brain in overdrive, and of course, I have about a million other questions on van life, so that’s where you come in!

Are you living van life, or do you know someone who is? If that’s the case, fill out the form below if you want to be interviewed for an upcoming piece about van life.

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