Tasty Tuesday: Foot of the Mountain known for colossal burgers, flavorful wings and so much more

Good view, good people and good food - Foot of the Mountain checks off all three

ARCADIA, Va. – You can’t beat the view of this popular Botetourt spot. The people, including owner, Brian Williams, are excellent. And the food? Keep reading!

Williams attributes the success of Foot of the Mountain to his customers.

“If we didn’t have the community, we wouldn’t be here right now.”

At the same time, they’re known for specials like the wings, burgers and crab cakes, but “We run features. Those change out every two to three weeks.”

It’s not enough to be just another normal restaurant. Williams’ goal is to “Push the boundaries of food. You want to be able to offer them something different.”

This starts with some of the homemade wing sauces. They have ones you’ve heard of before, like the Parmesan Garlic or Asian Zing. However, they’ve pushed the boundary a little more by trying Apple Butter. They’re currently testing a Blueberry Chipotle BBQ.

I had the chance to try it, and I really hope it makes it to the menu! It’s the perfect combination of sweet with just a little kick.

Boundaries are pushed even in the bar, where the beer pours - but from the bottom up. (Watch the video above to see how it works!)

Nevermind just pushing boundaries. Why not change the landscape with the Hog Mountain Burger?

It’s a mammoth, starting with fried pickles and onion straws. Then, you get the burger with pulled pork, ham and bacon. It also comes with pimento cheese, but I opted for the burger to come without.

Williams says the customer’s first reaction to this monstrosity is “Laughing. Can’t believe what they’re about to have to do.”

We put it to the test, and we knew it was going to taste good. The challenge was fitting the whole burger in your mouth. We were told to give it CPR to really smoosh it down.

That seemed to help at least a little bit!

And so checked off the third item - good food! It’s food that, Williams says, dates back to his parents and grandparents.

We didn’t even get to touch dessert! You can find a sampling of those by scrolling through their social media pages (shown below).

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