Tasty Tuesday: Pazar offers all-day breakfast, lunch, community relief in Radford

The Newcome’s have a star-studded lineup for breakfast and lunch, and you can get each no matter the time of day

RADFORD, Va. – For nearly seven years, Pazar has become a staple in Radford. Mother-son duo, Samantha and Taylor Newcome, have been holding down the fort the entire time.

“We laugh together all day. It makes time together go by very fast.”

It’s a family business and a family vibe - right down to the community fridge outside.

They both tell us, “It’s to help those that need that extra boost. We all need it. It’s available 24-7. It’s just been an amazing thing that we’ve wanted to do for this community. We ended up providing it, and it’s done very well since we’ve got it up and running.”

Once inside, the classic smells of an old-school diner keep you locked in and ready to stuff your face.

“It’s a huge variety. We serve breakfast and lunch at all hours. We’re open Wednesday through Sunday 8 to 2.”

From unique combinations to classic southern comfort staples, Pazar has it all.

“They always say the weirdest combinations make the best food. Our sausage, egg and cheese or bacon, egg and cheese on a waffle. Our Rise n’ Shine platter, which is two pancakes, two eggs and your choice of bacon or sausage. Biscuits and gravy. You can get that with meat or without meat. And you can’t forget the banana pudding. That’s definitely our top-selling dessert.”

What some may not know is that this once was a Kenney Burger. Of course, burgers are still on the menu here.

The Newcome’s say they’re looking into finding the recipe for the original sauce that drew so many people to this building years ago.

Pazar is open Wednesday through Sunday from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. It’s located at 703 W Main St, Radford, VA.

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