Tasty Tuesday: Salem Craft BBQ’s ‘small but mighty’ menu is dressed to impress

Banana pudding, pulled pork, all the fixin’s and Peruvian chicken are just some of the items on this stacked menu

SALEM, Va. – We’ve been on a bit of a BBQ kick in Tasty Tuesday recently, but we’re not complaining. This time, we take you to Salem Craft BBQ.

Its owner, Willie Dye, is a musician by trade. He is, however, a heck of a pitmaster too. He started up the vision for Salem Craft BBQ two years ago, telling us, “We’re small, but we’re mighty.”

In that time, it’s all been about research and development.

“We’ve learned exactly the way we want to cook with our pork.”

It sizzles and shines with a perfect glisten in the outdoor smoker before being taken into the truck where it shreds with ease.

The pulled pork comes with house-cut chips and your choice of sauce.

Like most other BBQ joints, you’ve got to have your brisket and smoked chicken.

Not everyone has Peruvian chicken with chimichurri sauce, but Salem Craft does.

“Beautiful half chicken. Sit that on there, so the juices will collect on that bread for you.”

The sides are out of this world, too.

“It was accompanied with southern style collard greens, which had our hand-made smoked maple bacon in it and baked beans.”

The cherry on top doesn’t have cherries. In fact, it’s bananas. B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

“This is actually the best banana pudding that I’ve ever eaten. It comes from my mother-in-law. She had it in her stash. She don’t know how to cook. She don’t even know how to boil water, but she makes the best banana pudding.”

Aside from glistening pork, chicken, sides and desserts or homemade drinks, it really is the labor of love from this small business that will surely go a long way.

“It’s all about consistency and just being happy and just spreading the good vibes and the love. That’s all it is.”

You can order on DoorDash, but most recently - Salem Craft BBQ has opened a small patio on 8th Street in Salem.

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