Tasty Tuesday: Blue Ridge Fudge Lady opens café in downtown Christiansburg

Fudge is still a big seller, but so are pastries, ice cream, sandwiches, soups and so much more

CHRISTIANSBURG, Va. – Robin Burdette is known for satisfying sweet tooths in the New River Valley. While she’s still doing that, she’s venturing into something new with the Blue Ridge Lady Café.

She tells us, “My granny was a chocolate maker, and I would say she inspired that.”

Her newest journey in the food business is proof that it’s what you know and who you know. When the Mockingbird Café was closing, its owner called Robin to gauge her interest.

“It was like fate, right? So that’s how I ended up here.”

The fudge still flies off the shelves with classics like “Dark chocolate caramel sea salt and then the regulars, chocolate and peanut butter.”

In order to satisfy the customer, she kept the café going from breakfast to pastries to lunch time too.

“Simple food that you can just grab and go, so nothing crazy. Biscuits and gravy. We just rolled that out a couple weeks ago. It’s my mom’s recipe. My mom came here and rolled it out with me and made the first batch, which was super exciting. We do a lot of scones, muffins (a lot of muffins), carrot cakes and pies. Something that’s near and dear to my heart is the veggie burger that we offer. Ya know, I don’t eat a lot of meat. I’m a soup fanatic. I eat soup for breakfast, so we try to offer different soup at least two or three times a week.”

As for the OG - the fudge, she’s adding onto that too with the summer months fast approaching.

“This summer, we’re going to roll out Key Lime Pie fudge and some margarita and piña colada fudge for the Beach Bash, so it’s going to be pretty fun.”

Burdette is also excited to be back in the community more regularly. To see where the Blue Ridge Fudge Lady will be popping up, make sure to follow her on social media.

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