Taco Bell bringing back fan-favorite Mexican Pizza after nearly two years

It will be back on the menu on May 19

Taco Bell Mexican pizza (CNN Newsource)

Thanks to singer Doja Cat and her oddly-catchy TikTok song about a beloved Taco Bell menu item, a fan favorite is coming back!

After an almost two-year hiatus, Taco Bell announced Monday that the Mexican Pizza will re-appear on menus in May.

The Mexican Pizza was first introduced by Taco bell in 1985 as the Pizzaz Pizza, but the fast-food chain discontinued it in November 2020 to cut costs.

Online outrage began when it was removed from the menu with many banding together to sign a petition, begging for it to make a comeback.

Back in March, Doja Cat posted a TikTok that went viral where she performs a song she wrote about Mexican Pizza.

“I made a song about Mexican Pizza because I love it so much,” she begins in the clip, which now has 35.2 million views. “I wish that Taco Bell didn’t discontinue it a year ago. I wrote a verse and I hope you like it.”

More than a month later, Taco Bell announced the near return of the Mexican Pizza, and Doja Cat, while on stage during her Coachella set, acknowledge her influence in bringing the item back.

“I brought the Mexican Pizza by the way!” she yelled jokingly on stage.

Taco Bell even shared the moment in its announcement on Twitter.

The Mexican Pizza will be back on the menu on May 19.

Everyone say: “Thank you, Doja Cat!”

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