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Whether it’s hitting the water, cycling or catching up with an Olympic gold medalist, 10 News Anchor John Carlin is always up for an adventure.

In his series John Carlin’s Outdoors, you get to tag along as he explores the Blue Ridge and the hidden gems that make the area stand out from the rest.

From deep diving in Puerto Rico to hanging out with Elk in Virginia, there’s no adventure that’s too big for John, an explorer at heart.

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We hope you’ve enjoyed coming along for the ride — now we want to hear YOUR thoughts.

Is there a hidden gem in your neck of the woods that you’re dying to know more about or even a spot that you feel is deserving of more attention? Let’s hear about it!

Using the form below, let us know what you would like to see featured on John Carlin’s Outdoors.

Who knows, your idea could be featured on an upcoming episode.

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Jazmine Otey joined the 10 News team in February 2021.