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Lynchburg shooting possibly related to previous night's fight at Marathon gas station

November 10, 2015 (Copyright by WSLS - All rights reserved)

LYNCHBURG (WSLS 10) - Lynchburg police said they are investigating an incident believed to be related to a fatal shooting on Cliff Street.

The incident happened at a Marathon gas station at 2404 Fort Avenue. Police said the Department of Emergency Services received a call about a fight between several men in the parking lot of the Marathon shortly before midnight on November 10. The caller did not witness the fight, but had been told it was happening.

The caller said shortly after calling 911, the men dispersed in an unknown direction. Officers arrived just after midnight November 11, but no one involved could be found.

The following day, November 11, Lynchburg police said a man had been killed after being shot while in the 1500 block of Cliff Street. The victim of the shooting, 29-year-old Brandon Carter, is now believed to have been present during the fight at the Marathon gas station.

Officers responded to the shooting Tuesday to find Carter lying on a front porch, suffering from a gunshot wound. Police say Carter was taken to the hospital where he later died.

Witnesses say a person in a gold colored Doge, four-door sedan with out of state plates - possibly North Carolina - fired shots from the passenger side of the car.

Lynchburg police said they need information from anyone who may have witnessed a fight at the Marathon gas station late Monday or has information about the shooting Tuesday.

Police said there has been no information indicating the incidents are gang related.

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