Dinosaur Kingdom II opening up this summer

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ROCKBRIDGE COUNTY (WSLS 10) - The Dinosaur Kingdom II in Natural Bridge is making a comeback after a devastating fire closed it in 2012.

The mastermind of the project, Mark Cline, is putting a unique twist on the park creating an attraction he says is unlike any other.

"Dinosaur Kingdom one went up in flames and Dinosaur Kingdom two is back from extinction," said Cline.

Cline is getting ready to open Dinosaur Kingdom II in mid June with a very unique theme.

"In this world Stonewall Jackson doesn't die," said Cline. "His death is fake, and he's here to help the south as the Yankees are using these dinosaurs as weapons of mass destruction against the south."

Cline makes sculptures displayed around the globe and his work gets a lot of attention.

Lexington and Rockbridge Area Tourism's director of marketing said it'll give this area a needed boost.

"I think the perception is that people think it's too far away, but it's really only 13 miles and it's not far at all," said Patty Williams, Lexington and Rockbridge Area Tourism. "It's a beautiful drive down Route 11."