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Alleghany County firefighters hold special funeral for fallen friend

ALLEGHANY COUNTY (WSLS 10) - Alleghany County firefighters laid to rest one of their own Monday.

Aaron Rucker, 25, died of Muscular Dystrophy that kept him in a wheelchair most of his life.

Rucker served the Selma Fire Department for 16 years.

"He didn't have a disability in his eyes, he did everything he wanted to do," said Rucker's mother Judith Nicely.

Nicely said despite her son's disease, from the age of 10, the Selma Fire Department was the biggest part of his life.

He even asked for his casket to be transported by his crew.

"He said a fire truck would do, but he wanted all the pomp and circumstance that went along with that," said Nicely.

Monday, Rucker's friends at the department made sure he got the send off he asked for.

They said the ride was the least they could do for a man who gave their department so much.

"He was a very outgoing person and would do anything he could to help any of us," said Rucker's friend and Deputy Alleghany County Sheriff, Kevin Cahoun.

"He was limited to what he could do, but what he did do, he was proud of it, and we was proud of it too," said Selma Fire Chief Walter Morris.

Rucker's casket was taken to the cemetery at Sharon Baptist Church, where his friends and coworkers had one final tribute.

"They do this last call through the county dispatch, and it's a really emotional and touching moment of respect and honor for my son," said Nicely.

The last call went out through the Selma Fire Department dispatch.

It said "Attention all members Selma Fire and Rescue, this is the final call for son, brother, uncle, and firefighter Aaron Lee Rucker, issued on this day, the day March 7th, 2016. Aaron carries with him our gratitude and appreciation for his service to the citizens of Alleghany County."

This is the first time Alleghany County has ever seen a casket carried on a firetruck.

Monday's ceremony was organized by seven different fire departments.