Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe says he would not take Vice President position

ROANOKE (WSLS 10) - Long time friend of Bill and Hillary Clinton Governor Terry McAuliffe tells Roanoke radio station 101.5 The Valley's Music Place if Hillary Clinton asks him to be her running mate, he will decline.

"I would not accept Vice President. I've got a job I've always wanted to be Governor. I'm really trying to push Hillary on taking one of our two great United States Senators. I love being governor. I've always worked for myself and I just don't see being number two anywhere," said Governor McAuliffe referring to Senators Tim Kaine and Mark Warner.

The Governor says they have been family friends with the Clintons for thirty years. They vacation together and he wants to see her in the White House.

"I want to see her in the White House. I'm just thinking imagine her in the White House and I'm still Governor. We can have a great year together and really get a lot of assets, rightfully so, moved to the Commonwealth because that's where they should be. 'You should forget those other 49 states' I'm going to try and convince her everything should come to Virginia," said Governor McAuliffe.

You can hear the entire interview with the Governor in the 8 a.m. hour on 101.5 the Valley's Music Place.

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