Virginia Department of Education releases SOL scores

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RICHMOND (WSLS 10) - The Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) released its statewide, division-level and school-level pass rates on Standards of Learning (SOL) assessments taken last school year.

Here are your local scores for all students:

Division NameSubject2013-2014 Pass Rate2014-2015 Pass Rate2015-2016 Pass RateUp or Down
Roanoke CityEnglish: Reading6872731
Roanoke CityEnglish: Writing637165-6
Roanoke CityHistory and Social Sciences808279-3
Roanoke CityMathematics7278791
Roanoke CityScience737775-2
Roanoke CountyEnglish: Reading838886-2
Roanoke CountyEnglish: Writing8083830
Roanoke CountyHistory and Social Sciences909190-1
Roanoke CountyMathematics8688891
Roanoke CountyScience8788880
Alleghany CountyEnglish: Reading687574-1
Alleghany CountyEnglish: Writing697472-2
Alleghany CountyHistory and Social Sciences7685850
Alleghany CountyMathematics6772753
Alleghany CountyScience7179801
Amherst CountyEnglish: Reading7377770
Amherst CountyEnglish: Writing727573-2
Amherst CountyHistory and Social Sciences788281-1
Amherst CountyMathematics727875-3
Amherst CountyScience828482-2
Appomattox CountyEnglish: Reading738280-2
Appomattox CountyEnglish: Writing727871-7
Appomattox CountyHistory and Social Sciences878785-2
Appomattox CountyMathematics7178857
Appomattox CountyScience8385861
Bath CountyEnglish: Reading7482875
Bath CountyEnglish: Writing727471-3
Bath CountyHistory and Social Sciences8381821
Bath CountyMathematics7880877
Bath CountyScience8178791
Bedford CountyEnglish: Reading7580811
Bedford CountyEnglish: Writing7480811
Bedford CountyHistory and Social Sciences8284851
Bedford CountyMathematics6975783
Bedford CountyScience7881854
Bland CountyEnglish: Reading7579790
Bland CountyEnglish: Writing717367-6
Bland CountyHistory and Social Sciences8487903
Bland CountyMathematics7372797
Bland CountyScience7377858
Botetourt CountyEnglish: Reading8488880
Botetourt CountyEnglish: Writing818582-3
Botetourt CountyHistory and Social Sciences919492-2
Botetourt CountyMathematics8489901
Botetourt CountyScience859089-1
Buena Vista CityEnglish: Reading6466704
Buena Vista CityEnglish: Writing637269-3
Buena Vista CityHistory and Social Sciences7575783
Buena Vista CityMathematics49546915
Buena Vista CityScience717673-3
Campbell CountyEnglish: Reading727978-1
Campbell CountyEnglish: Writing7273730
Campbell CountyHistory and Social Sciences838885-3
Campbell CountyMathematics7479790
Campbell CountyScience798582-3
Carroll CountyEnglish: Reading748079-1
Carroll CountyEnglish: Writing737674-2
Carroll CountyHistory and Social Sciences8383841
Carroll CountyMathematics7278802
Carroll CountyScience7880833
Covington CityEnglish: Reading717672-4
Covington CityEnglish: Writing64677811
Covington CityHistory and Social Sciences8083841
Covington CityMathematics667774-3
Covington CityScience767673-3
Craig CountyEnglish: Reading718481-3
Craig CountyEnglish: Writing757066-4
Craig CountyHistory and Social Sciences7684851
Craig CountyMathematics698881-7
Craig CountyScience818683-3
Danville CityEnglish: Reading616664-2
Danville CityEnglish: Writing616664-2
Danville CityHistory and Social Sciences757473-1
Danville CityMathematics636563-2
Danville CityScience6768680
Floyd CountyEnglish: Reading758179-2
Floyd CountyEnglish: Writing707572-3
Floyd CountyHistory and Social Sciences818382-1
Floyd CountyMathematics7580822
Floyd CountyScience7979812
Franklin CountyEnglish: Reading798381-2
Franklin CountyEnglish: Writing777269-3
Franklin CountyHistory and Social Sciences909089-1
Franklin CountyMathematics7980822
Franklin CountyScience858685-1
Galax CityEnglish: Reading717977-2
Galax CityEnglish: Writing716662-4
Galax CityHistory and Social Sciences758475-9
Galax CityMathematics7581854
Galax CityScience817978-1
Giles CountyEnglish: Reading748079-1
Giles CountyEnglish: Writing7268757
Giles CountyHistory and Social Sciences8687870
Giles CountyMathematics7281821
Giles CountyScience8185861
Grayson CountyEnglish: Reading7177803
Grayson CountyEnglish: Writing6973763
Grayson CountyHistory and Social Sciences8281821
Grayson CountyMathematics647876-2
Grayson CountyScience768281-1
Halifax CountyEnglish: Reading6470711
Halifax CountyEnglish: Writing636967-2
Halifax CountyHistory and Social Sciences808278-4
Halifax CountyMathematics6471743
Halifax CountyScience697069-1
Henry CountyEnglish: Reading6774762
Henry CountyEnglish: Writing717269-3
Henry CountyHistory and Social Sciences858786-1
Henry CountyMathematics6976793
Henry CountyScience7882820
Highland CountyEnglish: Reading6580833
Highland CountyEnglish: Writing43597112
Highland CountyHistory and Social Sciences7978802
Highland CountyMathematics588675-11
Highland CountyScience868874-14
Lexington CityEnglish: Reading828483-1
Lexington CityEnglish: Writing829486-8
Lexington CityHistory and Social Sciences878988-1
Lexington CityMathematics7988880
Lexington CityScience868786-1
Lynchburg CityEnglish: Reading6067692
Lynchburg CityEnglish: Writing666561-4
Lynchburg CityHistory and Social Sciences758078-2
Lynchburg CityMathematics5464684
Lynchburg CityScience6668724
Martinsville CityEnglish: Reading5462631
Martinsville CityEnglish: Writing616560-5
Martinsville CityHistory and Social Sciences7267703
Martinsville CityMathematics5259601
Martinsville CityScience5958602
Montgomery CountyEnglish: Reading7883841
Montgomery CountyEnglish: Writing7379801
Montgomery CountyHistory and Social Sciences8585861
Montgomery CountyMathematics7582831
Montgomery CountyScience8386882
Nelson CountyEnglish: Reading7375772
Nelson CountyEnglish: Writing797473-1
Nelson CountyHistory and Social Sciences8584862
Nelson CountyMathematics7778802
Nelson CountyScience7879801
Patrick CountyEnglish: Reading7278813
Patrick CountyEnglish: Writing6970744
Patrick CountyHistory and Social Sciences8287870
Patrick CountyMathematics7283841
Patrick CountyScience7781854
Pittsylvania CountyEnglish: Reading7679823
Pittsylvania CountyEnglish: Writing757976-3
Pittsylvania CountyHistory and Social Sciences8487892
Pittsylvania CountyMathematics7682853
Pittsylvania CountyScience8287870
Pulaski CountyEnglish: Reading737776-1
Pulaski CountyEnglish: Writing706968-1
Pulaski CountyHistory and Social Sciences8184851
Pulaski CountyMathematics718078-2
Pulaski CountyScience8077814
Radford CityEnglish: Reading7277781
Radford CityEnglish: Writing7170777
Radford CityHistory and Social Sciences8482820
Radford CityMathematics6971765
Radford CityScience8083830
Rockbridge CountyEnglish: Reading7077781
Rockbridge CountyEnglish: Writing727977-2
Rockbridge CountyHistory and Social Sciences818281-1
Rockbridge CountyMathematics7381854
Rockbridge CountyScience8184840
Salem CityEnglish: Reading818685-1
Salem CityEnglish: Writing7982831
Salem CityHistory and Social Sciences899290-2
Salem CityMathematics808885-3
Salem CityScience889190-1
Wise CountyEnglish: Reading8387870
Wise CountyEnglish: Writing7584840
Wise CountyHistory and Social Sciences9192942
Wise CountyMathematics869392-1
Wise CountyScience8689901
Wythe CountyEnglish: Reading7379845
Wythe CountyEnglish: Writing6979812
Wythe CountyHistory and Social Sciences8586904
Wythe CountyMathematics69768610
Wythe CountyScience7981898

The percentage of students achieving at the proficient or advanced level on Standards of Learning assessments in reading, mathematics and science increased by one-point statewide during 2015-2016, VDOE reported today.

80-percent of students achieved proficient or advanced scores in reading, and the same percentage passed tests in mathematics, compared with 79 percent in both subjects in 2014-2015. Eighty-three percent passed grade-level or end-of-course SOL tests in science, compared with 82 percent previously.

"A one-point improvement in mathematics means that approximately 11,500 more students met or exceeded the benchmark for proficiency for their grade or course," Superintendent of Public Instruction Steven R. Staples said. "In reading, a one-point increase equals approximately 8,000 students, and in science, more than 6,000. The success of these students – many of whom have struggled in the past – reflects great credit on our teachers, especially given Virginia's rigorous standards and challenging online assessments."

Of Virginia's 1,822 public schools, 915 improved in mathematics, 904 in reading and 939 in science.

Noting the gaps that continue to separate the achievement of black and Hispanic students from that of white students, Board of Education President Billy K. Cannaday Jr. said that narrowing and ultimately closing these gaps will remain the state board's top priority.

English Reading2013-20142014-20152015-2016
All Students747980
Economically Disadvantaged596666
English Learners546161
Students with Disabilities434546
English Writing2013-20142014-20152015-2016
All Students757777
Economically Disadvantaged596363
English Learners545047
Students with Disabilities394040
All Students747980
Economically Disadvantaged616869
English Learners626766
Students with Disabilities434849
All Students808283
Economically Disadvantaged666970
English Learners595657
Students with Disabilities515153

"Under our current accreditation system, relatively high overall achievement in fully accredited schools can mask underperformance by certain groups of students," Cannaday said. "The board is committed to implementing reforms that will shine a light on achievement gaps and hold all schools accountable for raising the achievement of students who historically have struggled to meet Virginia's high expectations."

History/Social Science2013-20142014-20152015-2016
All Students848686
Economically Disadvantaged737675
English Learners706969
Students with Disabilities586060

Governor Terry McAuliffe and the state Board of Education have advocated the expansion of computer adaptive testing as a means of better measuring academic growth and improving the assessment experience of students. VDOE expects to convert all mathematics and reading SOL tests in grades 3-8 to the computer adaptive format by fall 2017.

VDOE will announce 2016-2017 state accreditation ratings in mid-September. Accreditation ratings may reflect achievement over three years and include adjustments to reward schools for successful interventions and allowances for certain transfer students and English learners.

You can read the full results here.

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