Holiday travel tips and saving money on airfare

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Chris Clackum, NBC News – (NBC News) - If you're planning to travel around or between thanksgiving and christmas this year, a survey by Orbitz travel finds you'll be joined by nearly three-quarters of your fellow Americans.

Adding to congestion at airports are airfares, that are up to 12-percent cheaper than last year if you book now.

"Of course, the closer you get to the holiday and those seats fill up on the more desirable flights, the more expensive they're going to get" said Jeanenne Tornatore, Senior editor of Orbitz travel.

Tornatore says Booking by the end of October gets you the most desirable flights. She also advises the real cheap flights are the first of the day.

Avoid flying the Wednesday before and the Sunday after Thanksgiving if you can she says, because you can save even more by flying on the actual holiday.

Keep in mind, Christmas is on a Sunday this year, so flying anytime the week before will be at a premium.