Former U.S. Attorney Fishwick speaks on Trumps decision to fire Yates

ROANOKE (WSLS 10) -  A former United States attorney is speaking out about President Trump's firing of the acting Attorney General Sally Yates and about the president's choice to temporarily take over the job.

John Fishwick, who resigned as U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Virginia before President Trump took office, knows both Sally Yates and Dana Boente personally.

When Fishwick interviewed for the job, he met Yates. She was one of his bosses at the Justice Department.

He said she has worked for both Republican and Democratic administrations and is a respected prosecutor.

He pointed out that some federal judges agree with Yates' interpretation that the president's executive order on immigration is not enforceable.

"I'm sure she looked at this immigration order carefully and conscientiously and as a good strong independent lawyer, she came to the conclusion that the order was not legal," explained Fishwick.

The U.S. Senate confirmed Fishwick and Dana Boente as U.S. attorneys for Virginia on the same day, after President Obama appointed them both.

"He's a prosecutor's prosecutor. He is very well-respected. He's hard-working. He's diligent. He gives good advice. I think the silver lining for the country is I think Dana Boente in this very short period where he is the acting Attorney General will do a good job."

Boente has said the president's order is lawful and is ordering the justice department to defend it.

Fishwick said this is a good example of how two respected prosecutors can interpret the law differently.