Gunshot detection technology demonstrated in Roanoke

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ROANOKE (WSLS 10) - In a time when personal safety at home, in the workplace and in public is a top priority, technology now exists to better meet those needs.

"That's what it's for, saving lives," said Paul Walter, owner of KLM Marketing.

KLM Marketing is hosting demonstrations all across the country. The one held on Thursday at Safeside Tactical in Roanoke was the fifth demonstration nationwide.

Flir thermal imaging
Flir thermal imaging

KLM represents technology companies like Flir and Sielox which have developed cutting-edge technology systems using cameras, thermal imagery and audio analytics that can record and detect the most minute details and even alert police when and where a gunshot has been fired.

"It's dialed in to get directly the sound of a gunshot," Walter explained. "We are not going to be fooled by somebody slamming a book on a counter or something else like that."

That includes car backfires or similar sounds. The technology goes beyond human error.

In a demonstration at the gun range, only seconds after a gun was fired an alarm sounded from a computer system; "Warning! Active shooter detected. Take cover."


The system can even be set to alert police when what's considered "aggressive behavior" like a loud argument has been detected.

Walter said it's being used in larger cities like Baltimore and could possibly prevent a violent act before it happens.

Safeside Tactical owner Mitch Tyler said Roanoke is taking note of what this could mean for the future.

"There are definitely representatives from municipalities in our area [Thursday] as well as some local law enforcement agencies," Tyler said. "It's one of those things that municipalities are going to see has value and we as citizens, what kind of protections we want to have in place. We want to decrease response times with gunshots, especially in a public area. And so, I just think the technology is at the right time for cities of our size to start embracing this kind of thing."

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