Animal Planet's 'Treehouse Masters' finish tree house at Bella Rose Plantation

Lynchburg tree house featured on Animal Planet show

LYNCHBURG, Va. – It took Animal Planet’s "Treehouse Masters" less than 30 days to build a tree house at the Bella Rose Plantation in Lynchburg.

“Well, you know, you and I met out here back in the first week when Animal Planet’s 'Treehouse Masters' were just developing this,” said owner Vickie Runk, of Bella Rose Plantation.

The mastermind behind the $450,000 honeymoon suite was none other than Pete Nelsen, the star of "Treehouse Masters."

“I was called by the Runk family to come in and build, design and create a tree house for a honeymoon suite,” said Nelsen.

While this two-story octagon-shaped tree house has been at the plantation for months, no one was allowed inside until it was showcased on "Treehouse Masters" on Aug. 25.

"We are able to now open the doors for a lot of people to come through and enjoy our tree house,” Runk said.

How are guests taking to the Jeffersonian Suite getaway?

“Since the air date, we are fully booked up through November,” said director Mark Creasey, of Entwined Events.

Creasey said this turnout was beyond his expectations.

“And of course, all the trees going into the fall -- when the leaves start to change, it's going to be a spectacular view from here,” said Creasey.

The tree house runs $650 per night as part of a wedding package.




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Posted by Treehouse Masters on Wednesday, August 30, 2017