Chipotle opens in Danville

Steady stream of customers filled restaurant all day

DANVILLE, Va. – Chipotle opened in Danville at 10:45 a.m. Thursday and there was a steady stream of customers all day.

To celebrate, the store is partnering with the Danville YMCA.

Anyone who mentioned the partnership when they orderThursday has 50 percent of their money donated to the Y.

Caleb Ferrell and Shiana Tarpley, both first-time customers, said they're excited the restaurant is open.

"Everybody loves it. Everybody's talking about it, so I came by to see what it's all about," said Ferrell. "I think it's a good opportunity for people to get jobs, so it's awesome."

"Everybody's been talking about it and I wanted to try it out," said Tarpley. "It's really good because you can't eat at the same restaurant every day."

The restaurant is open until 10 p.m.

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