Students react to Liberty University's win against Baylor

Liberty beats Baylor 48 to 45

LYNCHBURG, Va. – Cheers could be heard across Liberty University’s campus as some students burst out in excitement after the Flames made a touchdown in the game against Baylor University on Saturday.

Whether you were watching it on campus or at a local restaurant, the reactions to the big win were all the same.

"Yes we did! I am so pumped,” Emily Stewart, freshman at LU, said.

It's only been two days since LU took the win and students on campus are still amped up. “Just seeing everybody wear more of the LU gear now. Seeing the football players. Everybody's just really hyped about it,” David Boyd, sophomore at LU, said.

On Twitter university president Jerry Falwell Jr. canceled classes and told students to enjoy the day off.  "We won a football game against Baylor. It was such a big deal. And how Jerry acted on that was really cool,” Stewart said.

Just this year, the university announced the football program is making the move to become a part of the Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS). The game against Baylor was their first transitional game.

“Week after week, we'll be playing quality football teams. Again we're not playing this year, but it gives us a jump start on that. It also gives confidence to our football team. Our fans can get excited, even more, as we move forward,” Turner Gill, Liberty’s football head coach, said.

And while the Flames football coach and team prep for Saturday’s first home game, LU students say they can't wait.

“All the energy now and it wasn't even a home game and everybody's still hyped. The home game is gonna be crazy,” Boyd said.

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