Family of woman shot to death reacts to news of suspect

Asia Wade's sister says she's glad police have released name of wanted man

ROANOKE, Va. – A family member is speaking out about the death of a loved one after police release new information in a Roanoke homicide investigation.

Asia Wade was shot and killed Feb. 5. Police released the name of a suspect Sunday, 33-year-old Rodney Ray Dunn, of Roanoke, who is facing a second-degree murder charge if caught.

Wade's sister, Ashley, spoke to 10 News over the phone Monday. She has moved out of Virginia since her sister's death.

She said she was happy to hear the news that the police are looking for Dunn.

"I was excited," she said. "I got a little sick, I was so excited. I couldn't even focus at work because we've been waiting so long for this."

She said she doesn’t know any other details about the suspect.

Roanoke police found her sister shot, unconscious, lying facedown in the doorway of a Shenandoah Village apartment late at night. She died at a hospital around an hour later.

Family members said she was a culinary student at Virginia Western Community College and was planning on graduating this year.

"It's just been really painful for us to know that every day my sister is gone and this guy is just out here, still living life like nothing happened," Ashley Wade said.

She said she hopes, for her family’s sake, that police can find Dunn.

"It would mean everything to them, just for this to be expedited a little bit more than what it has, but I know the justice system takes its time. We've been really patient with it," she said.

Police said anyone with information should call them. They did not say where they are searching for Dunn.