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Protesters gather in Roanoke ahead of Mountain Valley Pipeline hearing

ROANOKE, Va. – Proponents and protesters of the Mountain Valley Pipeline were in court Friday to argue their cases. 

Ahead of the hearing, landowners and residents against the pipeline gathered to stand in solidarity. A woman who attended the protests against another pipeline at the Standing Rock Indian Reservation last year spoke about her support for the people in Roanoke. After a song and some tears, they headed into the courtroom.

On Friday, motions were considered to halt construction and progress of the pipeline until all legal battles are finished. Lawyers for the pipeline introduced a motion to gain immediate possession of the properties involved in the pipeline. 

As the courtroom battle continues, landowners' concerns are growing.

"It's a nightmare. Their wording that we will have full and complete enjoyment of our land is a lie. We will never be able to enjoy our creek and our land as we can today," said Betty Werner, who is being sued.