Lost Uber driver causes blind woman to miss doctor's appointment

Woman ends up paying double.


RICHMOND, Va. – A legally blind woman in Virginia missed a doctor's appointment on Monday after her Uber driver got lost and ended up paying double for the trip.

Although she usually relies on family, Joyce E., whose last name wasn't given, was unable to get a ride to her appointment Monday. She decided to use Uber for the first time after just learning how to operate her cell phone six months ago.

A friend helped Joyce put in the Stony Point address, which was reflected on the receipt. At some point during the drive, the driver said he was lost and that Joyce had entered the address wrong. A map of the ride shows they traveled three miles out of the way. 

Joyce asked the driver to change the destination, which Uber said they can do. The driver said he didn't know how to work the GPS on his app and she would have to change the address herself.

Joyce said the man was polite throughout the ordeal and believes he wasn't trying to cheat her but was genuinely confused.

The appointment was at VCU Medical Center, just 20 minutes from her home. The ride should have only cost $18, but her receipt shows Joyce paid more than double of that.

Within a day of the incident, she was refunded the money and received an apology from Uber.