DUI task force releases arrest numbers from its first year

385 total arrests tallied in Roanoke Valley


ROANOKE, Va. – It was a busy first year for the Roanoke Valley DUI task force.

Below are statistics from March 2017 through February 2018:

  • 385 arrests total
  • 310 driving under the influence of alcohol arrests
  • 75 driving under the influence of drugs arrests
  • 43 felony arrests
  • 83 misdemeanor arrests
  • 60 drug possession arrests
  • 269 arrests for no/suspended driver's license

“Not only are we trying to address the issue of driving under the influence of alcohol, but also now, making kind of a dent into the further prosecution of folks who are choosing to drive while under the influence of some sort of either prescribed or recreational drug,” Roanoke City Police Chief Tim Jones said.

The task force is made up of officers from the Roanoke County, Roanoke city, Vinton and Salem police departments.