Route 11 over Natural Bridge should be moved according to VDOT

Vibrations from the roadway were found to be damaging the bridge

ROCKBRIDGE COUNTY – After investigation VDOT recommends that the roadway traffic above Natural Bridge be removed. They’ve begun the process of finding alternative routes for Route 11.

Findings were released Thursday and experts now recommend that traffic be removed from the Natural Bridge rock formation. VDOT along with researchers with the Department of Conservation and Radford University found several concerns with the bridge that include fractures and internal voids in the rock. 

After extensive testing, vibrations from the roadway above were found to be damaging to the bridge itself, increasing erosion of the bridge. VDOT and DCR are looking for alternative routes to rebuild Route 11.

Route 11 travels over the Natural Bridge geological formation. VDOT is responsible for the maintenance of the Route 11 road surface and roadbed. VDOT contracted geological testing services through an agreement between the Virginia Transportation Research Council in Charlottesville and Radford University.

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