Man charged in Appomattox woman's death waives bond hearing

Search warrants shed new light in investigation, disappearance of Lisa Henderson

CAMPBELL CO., Va. – 10 News has uncovered these search warrants which shed new light about the investigation in the disappearance and death of an Appomattox woman. Felix Jefferson was supposed to appear in court today on two charges surrounding the Lisa Henderson case. 

Henderson's mother reported her missing a week ago today, her body was found in Campbell County earlier this week.

Jefferson waived his bond hearing before it even started.

The warrants said Jefferson somehow helped someone named Marquie Williams after Williams committed a homicide.

10 News spoke with a local attorney, who is not related to the case, to find out why would Jefferson would choose to waive bond and stay in jail.

Felix Jerome Jefferson III is charged with accessory after the fact in the death of Lisa Henderson. According to his arrest warrant Jefferson is accused of receiving, relieving, comforting or assisting Marquie Williams after knowing that such person had committed a homicide offense punishable by death or as a class 2 felony. 

Lisa Henderson's mother had told 10 News earlier this week Marquie Williams is Lisa's boyfriend. 
"Marquie was the guy that she was seeing. So called boyfriend," Sandra Henderson said. 
In court today, Jefferson withdrew his bond motion.

Joseph A. Sanzone, partner attorney at Sanzone and Baker law firm in Lynchburg, said bond hearings aren't any different from any other hearing where an attorney needs more time.

"If he withdrew it. Then there's some condition that he or his lawyer think this would not be ready for trial," Sanzone said.

Sanzone says, there may more matters to consider.

"There may be other witnesses that aren't available. Maybe there are other things, other charges or other people that are going to be charged. So it's not always the case that you could rush right in and do a bond hearing," Sanzone said.

Jefferson's attorney Steve McFadgen would only say his client is charged with accessory after the fact, he is not the perpetrator.

"I think its always smart to be ready. I think you can cause more trouble for yourself to rush forward. I think its probably a wise step on everybody's part to be ready before this hearing takes place," Sanzone said.

McFadgen, Jefferson's lawyer said, if they want they can ask for another bond hearing. Until then, his preliminary hearing is scheduled for June 26.

McFadgen said his client is not and the man, Marquie Williams, mentioned in the arrest warrant, are just friends, they are not related.

We tried to speak with investigators at the Campbell County Sheriff's Office to find out if they are currently looking for Marquie Williams and how he's connected to this case but they said they will not be commenting on an active investigation. 

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