Tree sitters file motion to stop Mountain Valley Pipeline crews from cutting trees

ROANOKE COUNTY, Va. – The Roanoke County family fighting the Mountain Valley Pipeline continues to push back. 

The Terry family's counsel filed another motion in federal court Wednesday to try to halt tree cutting on Bent Mountain. 

Theresa Terry, 61, who goes by the name Red, and her daughter, Minor, have been living in the trees in Roanoke County for a month. Their family owns land on Bent Mountain that the pipeline company took under eminent domain. The two are perched in different locations along the natural gas pipeline’s planned path, preventing workers from cutting down trees.

The motion states that pipeline crews were working with "apparent urgency" to cut down as many trees as possible prior to an official court ruling that may or may not be in their favor. 

The family is requesting that the court maintain the "status quo" and stay all of MVP's tree-cutting efforts in Virginia. 

The court has not yet ruled on the motions heard in Tuesday's hearing.