Virginia Democrats release statement against Mountain Valley Pipeline, Atlantic Coast Pipeline

ROANOKE, Va. – Multiple Democratic committees across Virginia have teamed up to release a statement against the pipeline.

The group says that these pipelines pose a clear threat to our Commonwealth’s drinking water, and is an abuse of eminent domain. 

“We, the undersigned Virginia Democratic Committees and Chairs, do hereby call for Governor Ralph Northam, Attorney General Mark Herring, and the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality to do all they can to stop the Mountain Valley and Atlantic Coast Pipelines. These two pipelines are a clear abuse of eminent domain laws, as they do not benefit the people whose property is being irreparably damaged, and as they will potentially deprive surrounding areas of life-sustaining drinking water, as well as recreation and tourism dollars. The two pipelines will serve to move finites resources through unstable terrain to benefit the natural gas pipeline and utility companies involved in the project. The fact is, the Mountain Valley and Atlantic Coast Pipeline represent the death rattle of an obsolete industry, one being rapidly overtaken by clean energy sources like wind and solar, and pose a clear threat to Virginia’s groundwater and waterways.

Throughout his political career, Governor Northam has shown great concern regarding environmental abuses in the Chesapeake Bay and has strongly supported efforts aimed at removing phosphorus, nitrates and other pollutants from the Bay. As a result, today the Bay is doing much better, with vegetation now growing in areas that were once barren. We are grateful for Governor Northam’s foresight and efforts in this area, and implore him to also protect the rest of the state’s waters from environmental damage. We have seen the destruction that fossil fuel pipelines can cause to fragile ecosystems and to drinking water sources in other states. Our citizens should not be forced to hand over Virginia’s pristine landscape and safe drinking water to corporate profiteers who care little, if at all, for the well-being of our communities.

Other states have taken a stand to stop natural gas pipelines, and now we urge Governor Northam to do the same here in Virginia. Protect our land. Protect our drinking water. Protect our legacy. Protect Virginia.” 

The following people signed the letter:

Susan Cloeter, Roanoke County Democratic Committee

Stephen Niamke, Roanoke City Democratic Committee

Denise Hurst, Franklin County Democratic Committee

Steve Foreman, Warren County Democratic Committee

Julie Hensley, Scott County Democratic Committee

April Moore, Shenandoah Democratic Committee

Rebecca Daly, Charlotte County Democratic Executive Committee

Steven McBride, Salem City Democratic Committee Chair

Michelle Watkins, Rockbridge County Democratic Committee Chair

Kenny Boddye, Occoquan County Democratic Committee Chair

Gene Zitver, Lexington City Democratic Committee Chair

Larry Stopper, Nelson County Democratic Committee Chair

Ren LeVally, Madison County Democratic Committee Chair

Maria Childress, 6th Congressional District Democratic Committee Chair

Larry & Virginia Jackson, Fauquier County Democratic Committee Chair

Dr. Frank Kober, Northumberland County Democratic Committee Chair

Carol King, Craig County Democratic Committee Chair

Taikein Cooper, Prince Edward County Democratic Chair