Roanoke man reconnects with long-lost sister

Siblings find each other through DNA test

ROANOKE, Va. – Thanks to and some perseverance, a Roanoke man was able to connect with his long-lost sister for the first time.

Dominick Swain's sister, Rachel Grimes-Babor, found him using DNA testing.

The two were born 11 months apart.

Swain is currently living in Roanoke running a small business. Grimes-Babor, who's now married, lives in Colorado.

"It was very emotional. I knew I had a sister out there somewhere and she finally found us," Swain said.

"So I knew he was out there. So to actually see my brother before I messaged him on Facebook was just so emotional," Grimes-Babor said.

The two are making plans to meet each other for the first time.