Averett University students move into their dorms

Students began moving in Saturday

DANVILLE, Va. – Averett University students are getting ready for the start of the new school year.

Students continued moving into their dorms Monday.

Move-in started on Saturday.

Freshman moved into the newly renovated Main Hall.

The building has been undergoing a multimillion dollar renovation for about the past year and a half and is nearly finished.

Freshman Darian Gonzalez said she likes what she sees.

"I knew it was getting renovated. I didn't think it would be this nice, but it's really nice," Gonzalez said, taking a break from unpacking her stuff in her dorm.

Joshua Davis is a residence hall advisor in Main Hall.

He lived in the building last year and said he's heard nothing but good things about the renovation.

"Most of the parents and students are pleased with the new spaces," Davis said. "There was no carpet (in the building before). The walls are better, they're (thicker). Just the features of the room are fantastic. You have the light dimmers, you have your personal ACs."

Classes start Wednesday.