Roanoke County schools looks at classroom trailers for Cave Spring High School

The learning cottages will be temporary during construction at the school

ROANOKE Co., Va. – Cave Spring High School students returned to their old classrooms for the first day of school as planned construction there was delayed.

Thursday night school leaders looked at possible options where students will go when construction eventually does start.

Students will be in trailers, what school leaders are calling "learning cottages" at Cave Spring High School while the construction is underway. The trailers are a must, but what type of trailers they choose and what the bathroom setup is, is what's up for decision.

Thursday night school staff presented to the Roanoke County School Board what options they're looking at for the 18-month construction period. There are four options; double-wide trailers with and without bathrooms and pod units with multiple classrooms connected with and without bathrooms. 

The options without bathrooms built in would have portable bathroom trailers in their place. The price is $2 million for double-wides with external restrooms, $2.5 million for double-wides with bathrooms, $3 million for the pod units with external restrooms and $4 million for the pod units with bathrooms.

The school division said price will be a driving factor in the decision. Bids are currently out for the project to renovate Cave Spring High School, a project hit hard with delays and challenges. Those bids are due back in a few weeks and school leaders hope to have construction started and students in the trailers coming back from winter break.

Board members will ultimately be the ones who decide which trailer setup will be used. They'll make that decision sometime later this year.

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