Better Business Bureau warns of postcard scam

ROANOKE, Va.- – A scam is showing up in mailboxes in the Roanoke Valley. The Better Business Bureau said a bright yellow postcard says you have an unclaimed reward of up to a $100 in savings. 

To get it, you have to call a number immediately to claim it, and so you can give them information to get your claim number.  The phrases final notice and automatic forfeiture are also prominent on the card, which gives a claim number. The card tells you that the rewards are good at stores like Walmart or Target.

There's already been one person who fell for the scam. 

"She initially she gave the scammer information and then she realized what she had done and called us just a few minutes later. We were able to advise her to go ahead and cancel her card and it seems as if her information at this point is OK," said Brad Salois, PR Specialist Better Business Bureau.  

This same scam has been reported in Myrtle Beach and Cleveland. The BBB wants you to remember that if you actually win a prize, you'll never have to actually pay money to collect it.