Dumas Hotel Legacy asking City Council to help in quest to purchase historic building


ROANOKE, Va.- – The group hoping to purchase the Dumas Hotel property is now pleading to Roanoke City leaders for help.

Dumas Hotel Legacy wants to continue the agreement to buy the historic site. Several members and supporters of the group say they want the city to help them in their broken-down negotiations with Total Action in Progress.

Several of them went before city council Monday asking for support. As we've reported, Dumas Hotel Legacy made an offer to buy the Dumas but in a statement last month, TAP officials said the potential buyer did not meet the conditions of the agreement and missed deadlines. They also say the Dumas Center property is off the market. 
Although the City Council as a whole has not taken a stand on the project, Mayor Sherman Lea said he personally supports the move for DHL to purchase the building. Many supporters are asking the city council to step in.

"I'm asking for you guys to put your bodies and souls emotion in your support behind the Dumas Hotel Legacy and making sure we do right for the community and making sure that we continue the hope. We talked about grassroots efforts. I cannot see any other grassroots effort that provides more encouragement for a city than this particular one," said Ryan Bell, a DHL supporter. 

"This is the place that truly belongs to the community and can be a place for achieving that. And it's important not to just those who live near there but everybody in this community," said another supporter. 

According to court documents filed last month, DHL asked a judge to grant a preliminary injunction to stop the sale agreement of the Dumas Center from being terminated.

Dumas Hotel Legacy was trying to buy the property from Total Action for Progress for $900,000.