Patrick County meeting turns into screaming match over EMT accused of white supremacy

Board of Supervisors declined to pull funding from JEB Stuart Rescue Squad

PATRICK COUNTY, Va. – The Board of Supervisors in Patrick County declined to pull funding from the JEB Stuart volunteer rescue squad, but it did pass a motion stating the county condemns acts of hate and white supremacy.

This comes after the entire country now knows a part-time paid emergency medical technician in the county frequently co-hosts a podcast, the Daily Shoah, that routinely makes racist jokes and pro-white comments.

The community is small, so board meetings are held in the courtroom, and the session felt more like a trial than a local government meeting.

Only after the EMT in question, Alex McNabb, and the board chair got into an all-out shouting match did this end.

"You shut up, I've got the floor."

This was how Chairman Lock Boyce responded after being told by the accused white supremacist to shut up -- and it was the loudest outburst of what became a nearly five-minute screaming match between the two.

The most heated exchange between Boyce and McNabb was in reference to a story McNabb told on a white supremacist podcast, where his character, "Dr. Narcan," mistreated a black child while drawing blood. He uses his real name on the show, but made the comments in question while in character.

Below is a statement from the story told in the podcast: 

“Dr. Narcan enjoyed great, immense satisfaction as he terrorized this youngster with a needle and stabbed him thusly in the arm with a large-gauge IV catheter."

"Did you say that? Did you make that up, do you think that's funny?," asked Chairman Boyce. 

"I think it's funny," McNabb responded. 

"I don't," Boyce said.

"My audience thinks it's funny," McNabb said. 

"I don't and to even have a thought like that..." Boyce responded.

"They don't think you're funny, though; they don't think you're funny at all," McNabb said. 

"To even have a thought like that is repugnant. You are talking about torturing children who are in your care," Boyce said.

McNabb has used multiple slurs for black people on the Daily Shoah, and in this segment from October of 2016, he jokes about a mostly black apartment complex where he frequently responds:

“The complex is noted for large groups of people from all over Africa and West Africa -- funny how they self-segregate. It’s jokingly referred to as ‘Ebola Alley’ by the crew that regularly works there -- so many sick people coming in and out of there.”

McNabb spoke during public comment at the meeting saying the podcast and his character, "Doctor Narcan," is satire, and that he is the victim of a smear campaign.

"What you're looking at right here is basically like a Marilyn Manson or somebody from the Jerky Boys or somebody like that, OK? And that's why I'm here tonight. This is about free speech, which is under assault in this country," McNabb said.

McNabb is a part-time paid EMT covering calls for the JEB Stuart volunteer squad. He's now on unpaid leave, but many, including Boyce, want him fired. He told the Huffington Post he doesn't discriminate when working with patients, and there’s no indication so far that McNabb mistreated anyone in his care.

The squad's attorney, Wren Williams, says the squad condemns McNabb, but should let the state revoke his license – keeping the county and the squad out of a lawsuit.

The attorney says if they fired McNabb now, the alt-right would sue the squad into bankruptcy.

"Don't believe me, read his Twitter feed. I've included some screenshots with your packet tonight. Mr. McNabb will be a martyr for the alt-right and he is proud of it," Williams said.

Through most of the night, McNabb taunted others, including a 10 News camera, while openly reading a copy of a pro-white book.

When it came time to vote, not a single other board member wanted to pull funding, which infuriated Boyce.

Despite his tales on the podcast of being an EMT, McNabb says he's never mistreated a patient in his career.

10 News spoke with the county attorney, county administrator and the sheriff, but they all had no comment.

A number of the citizens here say they're talking with state police and federal investigators about this situation.