Virginia Airbnb hosts earn total of nearly $104 million in supplemental income

RICHMOND, Va. – The state of Virginia Airbnb hosting community earned a total of nearly $104 million in supplemental income in 2018 by welcoming nearly 750,000 guests, the company announced Tuesday.

“2018 was another great year for Airbnb in Virginia, with more local residents and small businesses able to benefit from the economic opportunities created by home sharing than ever before,” Airbnb representative Liz DeBold Fusco said. “We look forward to continuing to help families across Virginia earn extra income while allowing countless communities to enjoy the tourism economy in 2019."

There are about 10,200 hosts in the state who share their homes via Airbnb, the company said, and they typically earn about $5,500 annually in supplemental income.

Airbnb said it significantly expanded Experiences throughout the state last year, offering handcrafted activities from local experts in some areas. The Airbnb Experiences creates opportunities for residents by allowing them to “unlock their talents and interests and make money.”

The following is an overview of last year’s guest arrivals and total host income in the counties within our region.

County Total guest arrivals Total host income
Montgomery 17,800 $2.2 million
Nelson 4,000 $506,100
Bedford 3,400 $314,000
Floyd 3,100 $285,700
Amherst 2,000 $232,500
Botetourt 1,800 $158,700
Franklin 1,800 $269,800
Campbell 1,700 $130,000
Carroll 1,600 $152,300
Roanoke 1,400 $126,100
Bath 1,400



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