Blacksburg CineBowl & Grille operator files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy

Not the first time businesses has experienced financial woes

BLACKSBURG, Va. – Less than two years have passed since Frank Theatres CineBowl & Grille was chained shut for falling behind on rent, and it looks like the Blacksburg business is back in the weeds, according to court records.

On December 11, the operator of the Blacksburg CineBowl & Grille filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy for falling behind on rent -- along with 24 other businesses connected to Frank Theatres. 

Court records show Blacksburg APF Partners LLC, which owns Frank CineBowl & Grille, claimed a debt of more than $62,000. 


According to the filing, the total debt claimed by the 30 creditors with the largest debts totals more than $3 million. 

The filing did not make it clear if the debt claimed against the theater is from its previous debt woes or if the debt is unrelated. 


Frank CineBowl & Grille is no stranger to rent troubles. The theater-restaurant combo had the same issue in April 2017, when employees showed up to find the business's doors chained shut after the property owners said the theater owed $450,000 in rent. 


The theater was able to open its doors and the red letters making up the Frank Theatres sign were put back up, but not until the theater paid an $80,000 bond, as required by a Montgomery County judge during an emergency injunction hearing.

The arcade-theater-restaurant-bowling alley combo was highly-anticipated before its opening at First & Main in 2015. 

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