You can now get slippers that look just like your pet

Cuddle Clones makes custom slippers by hand

Cuddle Clones

Want to take your pet parenting to a new level? You can now get slippers custom-made to look exactly like your furry friend. 

No, this is not a drill. 

Cuddle Clones makes them, as well as plush replicas, golf club headcovers, and even purses.

The company says they recognize "the unbreakable bond pet moms and dads have with their fur-children."

Many of their customers are separated from their pets due to travel or college. Some have lost a pet and want a token to remember them by. Others simply just want to snuggle. 

The slippers are handmade and take eight weeks to arrive. 

The cost? $199. 

If you're willing to break open the piggy bank, here's how you can buy them.