Danville using bus wrap to help celebrate Black History Month

City bus has been covered with faces of influential African-Americans

DANVILLE, Va. – The city of Danville is celebrating Black History Month in a new way.

The outside of a city bus has been covered with images of influential African-Americans.

The design cost $4,000 and is expected to be on the bus for at least a couple of months, but Danville Transportation Director Marc Adelman said it may be on the bus all year.

He said he got the idea from other cities.

"The message is, we are joining in the celebration of Black History Month and we're proud to do so," Adelman said. "Transit systems support (and) promote national goals and activities -- ADA access, employment activities, economic development -- and we're pleased to support this national goal, as well."

There are also displays inside the city's bus terminal with information about each person featured on the bus.

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