Danville Police Department buys drone

Drone expected to go into service in the spring

DANVILLE, Va. – The Danville Police Department now has a drone.

As of Friday, no one had been trained on how to handle it so the department would not show it to 10 News.

The department has been considering getting a drone for a while.

The department's spokesperson, Lt. Richard Chivvis, said what makes this drone special is that it has an infrared camera.

"What we want to assure the public is that the use of the drone is for public safety: rescue, search-type missions, running a track, if we're looking for a dangerous suspect and our K-9 and officers are following behind," Chivvis said.

Chivvis added that he anticipates inviting the public out to see the drone "to alleviate any publci concern and show exactly how we anticipate using it" once the department is ready to start using the drone.

The drone is a SkyRanger R60 made by Aeryon.

Chivvis did not know Friday how much it cost, but said the department has insured it for $34,000.

It is expected to go into service sometime this spring.

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