On road to recovery; Wytheville's ReVIDA Recovery Center helping people reclaim their lives

WYTHEVILLE, Va.- – More than 1,200 deaths in Virginia in 2017 can be blamed on opioids. A new recovery center in Wytheville is already helping 125 patients and that number is growing.

Adam Drayer is the interim program director at ReVIDA Recovery. His goal is to help people fight back from opioid use.

"It's one of those things when you're in it you're never out of it. It's for a lifetime," said Drayer. 

And he's also in recovery. 

"Opioids. Pain pills and anything I can get, really," said Drayer. 

 The 35-year-old has been in and out of rehab since he was 19. One day he realized he needed help. 

"The last time I was reaching out for help it was just unmanageable. I had a job that I was supposed to go to work one day a week and I couldn't even make it to that. I had kids I couldn't take care of," said Drayer. 

Now he is helping others. Working at ReVIDA Recovery is personal for Drayer. He says about 50 percent working at the center is also in recovery.

"To be somebody that understands what they're going through. Everyone is one bad decision away from really ruining their lives."

This is the first ReVIDA Recovery Center in southwest Virginia. Lee Dilworth, CEO and founder says patients will get outpatient comprehensive treatment. 

"Our patients come and they see physicians on every visit. When appropriate, they receive medication that helps them not have cravings and withdrawals as they seek to become less dependent on opioids," said Dilworth. 

Many people struggling with opioids can't get help because of high cost related to treatment. The location will accept Medicaid patients.  

"It's very forward looking for the Medicaid programs and particularly with Virginia being a Medicaid expansion state," said Dilworth. 

The center is on a mission to help individuals and communities reclaim their lives.