Shooting death of Danville teen was gang-related, police say

Police believe victim was targeted


The shooting that killed a 17-year-old in Danville over the weekend is likely gang related.

That's according to the Danville Police Department.

Police also say there was some retaliation.

A house was shot at.

Police have charged 19-year-old O'bryan King, who they say is related to the 17-year-old, with shooting into an occupied building.

As of Monday, King was still at large.

As crime scene tape flapped in the wind Sunday afternoon, a family member of 17-year-old Hakeem King cried and shouted in anger, asking why her family member was killed.

While police believe this was a gang-related killing, the gang connection was still under investigation Monday.

"It's a parallel investigation," Danville Police Department Lt. Richard Chivvis said. "Part of that is certainly the homicide investigation and the second part is to be proactive in order to prevent further acts of violence."

On Facebook, Hakeem King goes by the name Norfside Keem.

Chivvis confirmed that Norfside is a gang that the police department has investigated in the past and police have had interactions with the 17-year-old before, but Chivvis would not say if those interactions were gang-related.

"(There's) no indication that he was involved in any criminal activity when he was shot. There were individuals that pulled up (to the house where the teen was at), they shot him. So regardless of his involvement, he's a victim of a homicide and we're working it as that. He's a victim of a homicide and justice deserves to be brought for him and his family," Chivvis said.

Danville's gang prevention coordinator, Robert David, is doing what he can to help the police department.

"(I'm) definitely going to reach out to the community. Actually, I plan to reach out today and also tomorrow and address some of those situations that have happened. But definitely, it's a delicate situation that you have to be wise in how you deal with those things because what we don't want is continued retaliation," David said.

He encouraged anyone who is "emotionally connected" to the homicide to reach out to each other.

"My cry is, 'Please, talk to these young men and let them know that's not the route we really want to go towards because it could lead to something more. We don't want more retaliation,'" David said.


Danville police continue to search for the people responsible for shooting and killing 17-year-old Hakeem King Sunday afternoon.

While police have not yet released the 17-year-old's name, the boy's stepfather identified him to 10 News. 

Police are investigating the shooting as a gang-related incident, according to Lt. Richard Chivvis with the Danville Police Department.

On Sunday, a car carrying several people pulled up near King and multiple people in the car fired 10 to 15 times, killing King before driving away, according to Chivvis. At this time, there's no description of the shooters or their vehicle. 

It's believed by police that King was the target of the gunfire.

"The facts that we have. That victim was out there. He was not, no indication that he was involved in any criminal activity when he was shot, alright. There's individuals that pulled up, they shot him. So regardless of his involvement, he is a victim of a homicide and we're working it as that. He is a victim of a homicide and justice deserves to be brought for him and his family," said Chivvis.

Chivvis said the victim was known to law enforcement agencies from previous incidents and interactions.

The gang-related aspect of this death is a parallel investigation to the homicide investigation. 

After the deadly shooting, police say there was another call regarding shots fired on Juless Street.

Chivvis said that no one was hurt by the gunfire, but police are investigating that as a retaliation shooting.

In connection with that shooting, police are searching for 19-year-old O'Bryan Daquan King. He's wanted on a charge of shooting into an occupied dwelling.

Police do not believe Obryan King is a suspect in Hakeem King's death.

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