Can you solve the riddles? Virginia Tech engineering students create challenge

This is the second year for the scavenger hunt

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BLACKSBURG, Va. – Virginia Tech students are waking up to flyers around campus announcing a scavenger hunt. 

College of Engineering students came up with the idea, saying there are a lot of engineers and problem-solvers, but there weren't enough random challenges built into campus. 


This is the second year for the event. 

They spent a few months designing the hunt, hiding boxes around campus, putting clues in random places like under lamp posts, and even partnered with professors. It all ended on the small island in the middle of the Duck Pond. 

It took about three weeks to finish the first hunt.


This year, a secret team of seven riddle designers created a hunt meant to last at least a month. More than a dozen puzzles are planned, such as riddles involving robots. 

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