Heartline Restaurant reopens in Danville

Restaurant has been relocating since closing in December due to flooding

DANVILLE, Va. – The sound of plates of food being placed on a serving counter is music to Heartline Restaurant owner Debra Layne's ears.

"I'm so happy for this new beginning," Layne said.

The restaurant reopened Saturday.

"It was absolutely crazy. The house was packed. We had people out in the parking lot trying to help people park, trying to direct traffic. At one time, I think we had a whole page of people waiting for tables," Layne recalled.

The restaurant closed in December and relocated due to repeated flooding.

Layne said she missed seeing her longtime customers over the past three months.

The customers say the feeling is mutual.

"We love the family atmosphere here and the friendliness of all the staff. Not to mention, her food is all home-cooked," Diane Cook said.

"What I really like the most is the size. It's a lot more comfortable," Danny Cook said.

"I had been watching and waiting on Facebook for when her grand opening was going to be," Traci Miller said. "We got here as soon as we could. We couldn't wait to come back and have her breakfast food. For Danville, it's the best place to go."

"Bigger space, food's coming out of the kitchen quicker," Michael Miller said when asked what he likes best about the new restaurant.

Getting here hasn't been easy.

The building's water pipes froze, painting and remodeling had to be done and Layne had knee surgery.

But she said she's got the heart to take Heartline into the future.

"Everything happens for a reason. One door closes, another door opens. So every day, when I come in, I come in with the feeling this is the beginning of a new adventure," Layne said.