Franklin County home destroyed by severe storms

FRANKLIN COUNTY, Va. – With storms moving past Franklin County, we're starting to see some of the devastating effects.

These pictures are from a Delores Anderson's on Windy Ridge Road. She was home alone at the time of the severe weather and hid in her basement. Her husband was at work. 

"I just got down and I said, 'God please help me make it through it,' and he did," Anderson said.

Anderson says that while she was hiding from the storm, she could hear the havoc it was wreaking on her home. 

"I could hear it. I could hear glass. I could hear it, I could just hear it all," said Anderson.  

Even though the storm ripped through her home, Anderson says she is still "blessed." 

"I'm blessed. I'm blessed. Even though I got this, I'm blessed. Because it could've come right down on me," said Anderson. 

If you'd like to help donate to help the Anderson family, a fundraiser has been set up on Facebook here.


Below is what the home looked like before Friday's storms.




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