On a diet? Here are the best-tasting low-calorie ice creams

(iStock / SoleilC)

Ice cream is a fun treat year-round, but especially when the weather starts to heat up. If you're trying to find a healthy frozen option for your family, here's a look at some light and low-calorie desserts that could hit that sweet spot. 

Consumer Reports tested 13 frozen vanilla-flavored treats, including light and low-fat ice creams, frozen yogurts, and non-dairy frozen desserts, for taste, texture, and nutrition. 

"To achieve the taste and texture of regular ice cream, these lighter ice creams have a lot of additives, like gums, sugar substitutes, protein concentrates, and even added fiber," said Amy Keating, Consumer Reports nutritionist. 

CR testers tried two of the best-selling brand Halo Top's offerings. The Vanilla Bean Light Cream got "very good" marks for taste, with moderate vanilla flavor butterscotch and eggy notes. Testers found the texture slightly icy. 

But, Halo Top's Vanilla Maple Dairy Free Frozen Dessert landed near the bottom of the ratings due to a bitter and chalky aftertaste. 

Halo Top, like several other brands, lists calories per pint on the front label. 

"Just because you can eat the whole pint doesn't mean you should," Keating said. "It distorts your idea of what a reasonable portion is."

Stonyfield Organic Frozen Nonfat Yogurt got "very good" marks for nutrition. It contains live and active cultures and is one of two frozen yogurts that scored near the top of the ratings. 

CR also recommends Blue Bunny's Vanilla Bean Frozen Yogurt. It got "very good" marks for taste and nutrition.