Big Island Volunteer Fire Company wants volunteers to help with search and rescues

BIG ISLAND, Va.- – The Big Island Volunteer Fire Company is looking for more volunteers to help with search and rescues. 

The fire chief says more people are needed because of an increase in the number of calls on the Appalachian Trail. 
The specialized team within the company will help out during trail and water rescues, searches, recoveries and possibly brush fires. 
Having more volunteers prevents them from calling on other departments nearby for resources.

"Because of what's involved in the geography and the landscape of the trails it takes a lot of people to do it safely and the right people into the ground. And because of that we need more people to help spread the workload," said  Brandon Cocke, Fire Chief.

Volunteers will need to have some experience on local trails. They'll also need to be physically fit. 

Check out their Facebook post for more information,

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