Local animal shelters crowded after scared pets run away during fireworks

The four steps you can take to keep your pets safe

ROANOKE, Va. – With more fireworks shows planned for Friday and the weekend throughout the region, local animal shelters are asking people to keep their pets safe.

It’s common for dogs and cats to get scared and run away during fireworks. This year, like most others, animal shelters are seeing an increase in strays.

The Regional Center for Animal Care and Prevention in Roanoke has gotten 35 animals in less than a week, bringing it to near-capacity.

“We are getting a lot of animals in so we’re hoping that people come and look for their animals here, please, because we don’t want them here for an extended period of time," Melinda Rector said.

To help pets during periods of loud noise, experts have this advice for owners:

-Bring pets inside
-Shut doors
-Make sure they can’t hurt themselves
-If they have a collar, make sure it’s on