'Shameful and disappointing' Gov. Northam calls out Republicans after one-day special session

Virginia's General Assembly is adjourned until Nov. 18

RICHMOND, Va. – The Virginia General Assembly has voted to adjourn until November, as Republicans rejected Democrats' request to vote on a series of gun control measures.

With Virginia's General Assembly now adjourned until Nov. 18,  Gov. Ralph Northam released this statement.

“I called legislators back to Richmond for this special session so we could take immediate action to address the gun violence emergency that takes more than a thousand Virginians’ lives each year. I expected lawmakers to take this seriously. I expected them to do what their constituents elected them to do—discuss issues and take votes.

“An average of three Virginians die each day due to gun violence. That means hundreds of Virginians may die between today and November 18, the next day the legislature plans to work.

“It is shameful and disappointing that Republicans in the General Assembly refuse to do their jobs, and take immediate action to save lives. I expected better of them. Virginians expect better of them.”

Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring also released a statement after Tuesday's session

“That was pathetic. Virginians deserve better. There were important measures introduced that could save lives and keep Virginians safe, like universal background checks, a ban on high capacity magazines, silencers, bump stocks, and assault weapons, a reinstatement of the one handgun a month law, and red flag laws. But instead of a thoughtful discussion about how to keep our communities safe, Republicans in the General Assembly packed up and went home, but not before making sure they got paid for the day. 

“For years Republicans have hidden behind subcommittees to block these bills and duck accountability. This time they didn’t even pretend.”

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