Ohio dad drops $30,000 to build a backyard baseball field

"Probably not the best financial decision, but it's baseball."

BROOKFIELD, Ohio – One Ohio dad has taken his love of family and baseball to the next level.

The price tag is jaw-dropping, as Jason Kidd, of Brookfield, Ohio, spent around $30,000 for all of this. 

"Probably not the best financial decision, but it's baseball," Kidd said.

Kidd built a baseball field in his backyard after his young son playing with a T-ball set, asked him if they could.

At first, Kidd brushed it off, but he kept thinking about it and then started measuring his backyard. 

Now, his son's request has come to life.

The field features infield clay, regulation bases, a raised pitcher's mound and perfectly straight foul lines that Kidd paints himself.

Kidd says the money doesn't matter; what matters is making memories with his son and getting to teach him the game.

He's not done yet. Kidd wants to add a warning track, a fence and even a scoreboard.

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